Slack Adjusters, an epic and wonderful premium piece of work, for the typical modern website.

  • Great customer support!
  • Documentation included with explanations
  • Maintenance guides
  • Directly interchangeable with original equipment parts
  • Built with modern technologies

The amazing Norgaard's Slack Adjusters!

From concepts to finished products and beyond, we have been developing innovative systems to make vehicles safer and easier to control.

Today, with an unbeatable list of industry firsts behind us, NORGAARD continues to pioneer breakthrough innovations for braking, stability control, suspension, transmission automation and aerodynamics for the world's commercial truck, bus, trailer, car and off-highway manufacturers.

The product program covers all the requirements of a conventional braking system, for example foot brake valves, hand brake valves, relay valves, brake pressure regulators, trailer control valves, air suspension valves or selector valves for operating with containers – also as a perfect addition to electronic control system.